Current Awards

The 2017 award winners were celebrated during a program at the Massachusetts State House on May 16th. View our Flickr file of images from the awards here.

Level I (Grades 4 through 6)

Top Honors
Owen Fitzpatrick, Grade 6, Hopkinton, wrote to Charles Dickens about A Christmas Carol

Ali Shaikh, Al Noor Academy, Grade 6
Andrew Samuel Klein, Village School, Grade 5
Chloe Stavely, Remington Middle School, Grade 6
Elizabeth Ferris McDougall, Derby Academy, Grade 6
Frida K. Thompson, German International School, Grade 5
Karan Singh, Academy of Notre Dame, Grade 5
Maren White, Ottoson Middle School, Grade 6
Mariam Abd-El-Barr, AlHuda Academy, Grade 6
Sarra Abd-El-Barr, AlHuda Academy, Grade 4

Download 2017 Level I Honors Letters

Level II (Grades 7 and 8)

Top Honors
Nicholas Williams, Grade 8, Marblehead, wrote to Jay Asher about Thirteen Reasons Why

Aiden Wilcox, St. Joseph’s School, Grade 8
Alexandra M. Landry, Montrose-Chenery, Grade 7
Cynthia Zhang, Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School, Grade 8
Kyla Nguyen, Tenney Grammar School, Grade 8
Lily Athanas, Manchester-Essex Regional Middle School, Grade 8
Maya Puma, Tyngsboro Middle School, Grade 8
Ridha F. Alam, Alhuda Academy, Grade 8
Saja Ahmad, Al-Hamra Academy, Grade 7
Sofie Kvaavik, Marblehead Veterans Middle School, Grade 8

Download 2017 Level II Honors Letters

Level III (Grades 9 through 12)

Top Honors
Oliver Bentley, Grade 9, Brookline, wrote to Cristina García about Dreaming in Cuban

Ellen Dlamini, Brookline High School, Grade 11
Gabrielle Landry, Montrose School, Grade 11
Giancarlo A. T. Coelho, Algonquin Regional High School, Grade 10
Lily K. O’Neil, N/A, Grade 9
McKayla LeBoeuf, Oxford High School, Grade 11
Mya Weinert, Nashoba Valley Technical High School, Grade 9
Sean Stone, Monomoy Regional High School, Grade 10
Zachary Sclar, The Bromfield School, Grade 11

Download 2017 Level III Honors Letters

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