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The award winners in 2016 were celebrated during a program at the Massachusetts State House on March 15th.  You may view our Flickr file of images from the awards here.

The honors and top honors letters are posted below.

Level I (Grades 4 to 6)

Top Honors
Calla Kahan-Fagan, Grade 5, wrote to Anne Braff Brodzinsky about The Mulberry Bird

Lee Casstevens, Grade 6, wrote to Beverly Cleary about Dear Mr. Henshaw
Gigi Celi, Grade 6, wrote to N.H. Senzai about Shooting Kabul
Tejas Vir Chadha, Grade 6, wrote to Philip Pullman about The Golden Compass
Anna Cressman, Grade 6, wrote to R.J. Palacio about Wonder
Erin Flack, Grade 6, wrote to Sharon Draper about Out of My Mind
Madison Grant, Grade 6, wrote to Greg Jackson (a.k.a. Onision) about Stones to Abbigale (letter not posted)
Tala Khashogji, Grade 5, wrote to Lensey Namioka about The All-American Slurp
Amos Kohrman, Grade 6, wrote to Philip Reeve about Mortal Engines
Alexander Kozlov, Grade 5, wrote to Elie Wiesel about Night
Anna Lindsay, Grade 6, wrote to Hergé about the Tintin series
Sophie Thompson, Grade 6, wrote to Eleanor Estes about The Hundred Dresses
Amanda Tinkham, Grade 6, wrote to Sharon Draper about Out of My Mind
Chloe Trudel, Grade 6, wrote to Linda Sue Park about A Long Walk to Water
Anthony Trunfio, Grade 6, wrote to R.J. Palacio about Wonder

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Level II (Grades 7 and 8)

Top Honors
Ning-Er Lei, Grade 7, wrote to Malala Yousafzai about I Am Malala

Leah Boyd, Grade 7, wrote to Jason Fong about Go Back to Asia
Emma Clayton, Grade 8, wrote to Louisa May Alcott about Little Women
Maria Cristoforo, Grade 8, wrote to Maggie Stiefvater about The Scorpio Races
Anna Dechantsreiter, Grade 8, wrote to Joanne Rowling about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Julia Grimm, Grade 8, wrote to Rainbow Rowell about Fangirl (letter not posted)
Keegan Harkavy, Grade 7, wrote to Philip Pullman about The Amber Spyglass
Sophie Hauck, Grade 7, wrote to Jennifer Coburn about We’ll Always Have Paris
Ellen Jennings, Grade 8, wrote to Edward Bloor about Tangerine
Julia Kilroy, Grade 8, wrote to Ben Carson about Gifted Hands
Emilio Luis Leroux-Parra, Grade 7, wrote to R.J. Palacio about Wonder
Charlotte McDonald, Grade 8, wrote to Mindy Kaling about Why Not Me?
Laci Swift, Grade 7, wrote to John Green about The Fault in Our Stars
Grace Valaskovic, Grade 7, wrote to J.K. Rowling about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Miya Whitfield, Grade 7, wrote to Margaret Mitchell about Gone With the Wind

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Level III (Grades 9 to 12)

Top Honors
Sabrina Schick, Grade 12, wrote to Sylvia Plath about The Bell Jar

Rachel Capra, Grade 12, wrote to Yann Martel about The Life of Pi
Charlotte Ciampa, Grade 9, wrote to Victoria Forester about The Girl Who Could Fly
Kelsey Connors, Grade 10, wrote to Robert Frost about Nothing Gold Can Stay
Yanrui (Rena) Guo, Grade 9, wrote to Cynthia Kadohata about Weedflower
Jessica Harrington, Grade 12, wrote to David Sheff about Beautiful Boy (letter not posted)
Hassan Hassan, Grade 10, wrote to Harper Lee about To Kill a Mockingbird
Nicholas (Nick) Hoffman, Grade 12, wrote to Ray Bradbury about Fahrenheit 451
Taylor Jordao, Grade 12, wrote to Shel Silverstein about Where the Sidewalk Ends
Ethan Lee, Grade 9, wrote to Ayn Rand about Anthem
Martín Medina, Grade X, wrote to Malala Yousafzai about I Am Malala
Madelyn (Maddie) Mitrano, Grade 12, wrote to Kurt Vonnegut about Slaughterhouse-Five
Aidan Rawson, Grade 11, wrote to Connor Franta about A Work in Progress
Sarah Solomon, Grade 12, wrote to Hermann Hesse about Siddhartha

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